Becoming a Better You: Baby Step 1

Happy new year and here’s to 2017!  You probably have some resolutions in mind for becoming a better you this year and most likely you have big plans to achieve those goals.  If you are at a loss in choosing a resolution (or even if you’re not), allow me to make a suggestion.  Why not join me and commit to making some gradual, baby step, changes throughout the year that can improve your overall health…mind, body and spirit?  Just follow along with the blog throughout 2017 and I’ll be sharing ideas to help you improve all areas of your life in bite size pieces in the form of curious wisdom.

Baby Step 1:  Make small changes to your diet.  Wait, wait…hear me out on this.  The goal isn’t to lose weight, it’s just to introduce some enhancements to your diet that may begin to improve your overall health.

There have been several people in my life that have suffered from various types of problems including food allergies, ADHD, cancer, autism, diabetes and high blood pressure.  Even though each issue seemed unrelated to the others, after becoming curiously wise about each topic, I discovered they all shared one thing in common…the food we put in our bodies.

Soooo, for 2017 even if you are not dealing with any of the issues described above, a small but critical thing you can do to improve your health is to make the change to go organic.  Many people find organic to be expensive and overwhelming and don’t have a clear understanding of the benefit.  By taking small, gradual steps, this change can be relatively simple to make.

  1. Start by looking for organic options in the produce area of your grocery store. Plants are sprayed with pesticides so farmers can keep their foods protected from insects and disease.  When these pesticides enter our body, they are considered foreign and the body must work extra hard to protect itself.  This could lead to inflammation and take away from the body’s ability to perform its normal protective functions, leaving us vulnerable to a myriad of health problems.

If expense is a concern (which for most of us it is), check out this article for a list of the most critical foods to buy organically and start small at your next grocery store visit.

  1. Outside of the produce aisle, many grocery stores are beginning to offer organic dry goods, canned goods, cheeses, milks and eggs with store branded, more affordable options. When marked “organic” it usually means the food is free of all artificial ingredients including food coloring, flavors and preservatives.  Keep in mind there are several variations of organic labeling such as 100% organic and USDA Certified Organics, so be sure you understand the differences.

So that’s your first baby step!  Just start introducing organic replacements for the things you run out of and before you know it, you and your family will be on your way to a curiously wise organic lifestyle.  Stay tuned for the second baby step coming soon!