Welcome to Curious Wisdom!  This is a place where the curious become wise and the wise stay curious.  I’m one curious person so I’m always researching, exploring and looking for solutions to the problems life throws at me and those I love.  I created this blog as a way to share all of the interesting things I come across regarding health, food, cooking, self improvement, parenting, beauty, happiness and spirituality.

This blog is inspired by the many people in my life that have struggled with various problems or issues and have allowed me to dig deep and offer whatever information I could find that might help.  It is especially inspired by my dear friend Claudia, known to many as Clouds, who recently passed away after a year long battle with cervical cancer.  She allowed me to walk by her side during her journey and together we learned so much about how we can live our best lives no matter what our individual circumstances.  She taught me that through the Clouds there is always sunshine.